The afterlife is an allegory for the future. The spirits of dead radicals are stuck in the old ways, and tries to use their old methods when facing contemporary problems. When they are forced to go beyond their prejudices, and learn new perspectives can they find working methods for change.

They sent revolutionaries and got a revolution, what did they expect?





  1. redseven Says:

    Momentum was a pervasive game that combined the strengths of role-playing, Alternate Reality Games and computer games into a coherent whole, into a seamless experience. By using the aesthetics of urban exploration, political revolution and actual world history in the real world. By using reality as an interface we created an immersive playground for the players. Using prototype technology and years of experience in run-time game mastering we created a game with artistic merit and political relevance. This is the art of experience. – For 36 days the players lived and breathed as their characters, carrying out missions, discussing philosophical dilemmas and interacting with the everyday world around them. Behind the scenes dozens of people, game masters, writers, designers, technical support, actors and others made sure that the game shaped around the players actions and intentions. For over a month Momentum was not a game to the players. It was reality.

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